Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shane Good Revival Tour

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

          We are writing to let you know, starting November 2015, the Good family will begin traveling the United States, bringing the Good News of Jesus. Our ministry's goal from its inception has been to lead individuals into a lifelong relationship between them and their Creator, Jesus Christ, resulting in holy living. Shane Good is a singer/songwriter with an evangelistic/pastoral heart. Whether Shane is leading worship or speaking, he brings a challenging message that reflects the heart of God for His people. Shane is married to Julie, his wife of 13 years. They have seven children: Isaiah, Arwen, Ashton, Ethan, Elisha, Kiera and Seth. Shane and Julie minister side by side in many different venues. They and their seven children express a life fully lived in Jesus through song, fellowship, the spoken word and personal relationships.

          Shane's life was radically transformed in early 1996 after he visited the renowned Brownsville Revival that took place in Pensacola, Florida. He encountered Jesus in a very personal, life­changing way. As a result, Shane became very involved in ministry: on the revival's prayer team and by engaging in numerous evangelistic outreaches, stateside. Two and a half years later he graduated with the pioneer class of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. Immediately after he graduated, Shane began traveling extensively, spreading the Good News in Europe and Canada, as well as in the states.

          Shane has witnessed God doing so many miraculous things throughout his travels. He saw the Lord pour out his presence on hungry people. He saw those in the church who were living a compromised UN­godly life drawn to a closeness with Jesus that they had never known. Shane saw the physically sick healed and he watched the spiritually dead come to life as new believers met their Creator for the first time. One of the highlights was seeing so many young people respond to the call of the Lord in a radical life­changing way.

          Shane and Julie's desire is to encourage people to a closeness with the Lord Jesus through a personal relationship with Him, resulting in a lifestyle of worship. Their message continues to be one of challenge for God's people to live a life, pure and holy, so that they may experience the Lord in a genuine way, for as the apostle says in Titus 2:11, the grace of God teaches to say, “no” to ungodliness.... One of Shane's hallmark scriptures is 1 John 2:6 which says, “whoever claims to live in Him, must walk as Jesus walked.”

         Shane and Julie have felt a calling of ministry on their hearts, they are ready and willing to go minister to all who welcome them, whether they have the finances to sponsor them to come or not. If you feel led to give towards what they are doing, donations can be made through www.shanegood.com.

          Infinite Rain released their new album, “Jump” which expresses Shane and Julie's hearts of worship.  For More information about Infinite Rain or to sample "Jump" please visit: www.shanegood.com.  If you are interested in having them come share at you church, home fellowship or other gathering please contact them at info@shanegood.com.  Their ministry may be sponsored by those inviting them with love offerings/donations to help defray their travel and living expenses.

For the King,

Shane & Julie Good

9115 236St. SW #B, Edmonds, Washington 98026

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why I Never Left the Brownsville Revival and How God Continues to Change Me

This article is in reply to Matthew Oliver's article "Why I left the Brownsville Revival".

My name is Shane Good.  I am 37 years old and have been happily married to my loving wife, Julie for 13 years.  We have 7 of the most beautiful, well behaved children I could have ever asked for.  I am a carpenter by trade and love preaching and leading worship when the opportunities arise.  I have traveled extensively around the world preaching the gospel and have had the amazing opportunity of seeing the lost being found, the weary strengthened, the bound set free, those troubled by Satan delivered and most importantly I saw the religious find a real, powerful relationship with Jesus.  It was on one of my trips to Canada that I met my wife.  For the most part, we brought a message of repentance  and we saw revival come to many churches.  

This is my story.  

It was in January of 1996.  I was the average, church attending "Christian" teenager wondering where God was.  I remember praying and feeling like He was so far from me and not understanding why.  I remember becoming increasingly frustrated with church.  It felt so dead and dry.  I remember reading my Bible and asking myself why so much life surrounded Jesus yet my church seemed so dead.  "Where was this amazing life changing power?"  I wondered.  "God is this all there is to you?"    

One evening I was home by myself watching the X-files and near the end of the show one of the characters said "God is speaking, but no one is listening."  I don't know why but that ripped into my spirit.  I became undone and began weeping.  When my parents got home I was still a mess and they wanted to know what was wrong with their son.  I felt deep in my heart that God had something to say to me, to do in me, but for some reason something was holding Him back from me.  

It wasn't long after that I got a call from an old friend of mine.  The last time I saw him he was a cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking druggie.  I was surprised to hear him say with tears; "Shane, Jesus totally got ahold of me and changed my life at a church in Pensacola.  I wanted to call and tell you to go check it out."  Having a more religious mindset I figured it was just another regular church service.  The reports however, did not stop coming in.  We kept hearing more and more reports of things happening at this church in Pensacola, FL.  Fortunately, we only lived 30 min away so my family and I decided to visit. 

My first visit was like religious culture shock.  So much was happening.  We were sat right behind two teenage girls that vibrated and shook during the entire service.  Then this guy named Steve Hill was talking about Jesus with such authority.  At one point during the message a visiting Methodist minister who was sitting in the choir loft stood up with a shout, spun in a circle and fell to the ground shaking, taking some microphone stands with him.  We had seen enough.  The next chance we had we got out of there. 

I am so glad that the story does not end here.

At this time I was working an evening shift at an amusement park near Gulf Shores, Alabama.  My dad and Shaun (now my brother-in-law) began going back to the revival.  They would sit in the balcony and just watch and listen.  One evening as they were driving home my dad turned to Shaun and said; "Do you feel that?"  He immediately knew what my dad was talking about.  They both felt a burning in their heart.   They knew at that point that something very real and powerful was going on at the Revival.  Soon my parents were coming home full of the excitement of the Lord and very much refreshed.  I would get off work, come home and my parents would get home after me.  My mom came to me one evening, shaking under the power of the Lord and said; "Shane, you have to go back.  It is awesome!"  It didn't take long and I decided to go back.

So there I was standing outside the doors of the church and I prayed; "Lord, I am sick of religion.  I am sick of just reading about you.  Lord, I want to know you.  If for some reason you are here yet not seemingly at my other church please change me."

I can honestly say that I walked in to the service that night and was never the same again.  

Not Legalism:

Before revival I had an extensive secular music collection.  I loved music.  I also had an extensive movie collection.   I loved movies.  They were a good way to pass time.  They were a distraction.  Many Friday nights I could be found at the theater with friends.   

I didn't stop listening to secular music because a man told me to.  I didn't stop watching movies because a man told me to.  God came down and changed every aspect of who I was.  I was a new creation.  I was now born again and filled with the awesome Spirit of the Lord.  I didn't stop sinning because I had to.  I wanted to.  God had shown himself to me, He changed me and filled me.  Why would I want to jeopardize this new relationship that I had longed for?  I wanted to protect what the Lord had given me.  This wasn't legalism.  Legalism is what He saved me from - doing things just because a man said it was wrong.  Now His Spirit was speaking it to my heart.  I was FREE!  From then on I strove to please the Lord.  Was I perfect?  Of course not.  Did I make mistakes?  YES.  But now I could go to Him as his son and repent and reconcile with Him.  It was awesome!  I can't tell you the countless times the Lord woke me up at night just to be with Him and enjoy His amazing tangible presences.  I can't tell you the countless times I would be driving in my car listening to revival music, weeping.  I was in Love with Jesus.  I began inviting friends from work to come to the Revival and saw many of them give their hearts to the Lord.  Evangelism no longer consisted of handing out tracts.  Going to Wal-Mart for a gallon of milk was now an amazing opportunity to meet people and tell them about the living Jesus.  So many came to the Lord this way.  Some of them right in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  Some of them later enrolled at BRSM.  On Friday nights a group of friends and I would show up at Brownsville before the service began, Steve Hill would lay hands on us and we would go down to the beach and tell people about the Lord.  So many came to know Him.  It wasn't hard, it wasn't religious, it was easy because the Lord was with us.  By the time we got back to Brownsville on those evenings it would be prayer time.  I would track Steve down and give him the report of what happened that evening and he would say the results over the loudspeakers; "Friends, 10 people received the Lord down at the beach tonight."

A Revival for the Sinner 

I was always amazed by the different types of people that would walk through the doors of Brownsville.  It was awesome to see so many cultures, backgrounds and colors in one place.  In the words of Steve Hill; "You’ns, y’all, us’ns, we, we’ns, you’s guys, you guys, all, each person, that individual, all the people, kids, adolescents, old folks, young folks, city slickers, farm boys, home boys, hamburger flippers, ice cream dippers, teeter totter riders, fearless skydivers, short order cooks and collectors of books, smart people that teach, and mooches that leach, Michiganders from Kalamazoo, and citizens of Timbuktu, butchers and bakers, and candlestick makers, anybody can be saved. “Whosoever,” that is you!
    You can be big, tall, small, short, full-headed, gray-headed, bald headed, headed for bald headed, big boned, medium boned, small boned, blond hair, black hair, red hair, green hair, gross hair, red, yellow, black or white. You are precious in His sight.
    You can be sort of bad, sort of real bad, really bad, baddest of bad, or king of bad.
    You can live uptown, downtown, out of town, suburbs, big house, small house, no house, jailhouse, little house on the prairie, penthouse in Pittsburgh, Days Inn in downtown Dayton…
    You can be a Jew from Jerusalem or a Gentile from Jacksonville. You can play the banjo or be named Joe and play in a band. You can be so smart that you can say the ABCs backward or be so backward that you never learned the ABCs. You can hold the Guinness Book of World Records for eating the most live slugs or have a collection of the world’s most colorful bugs. You can be visiting this revival like everyone “oughta” or come walking off the streets from Boston just to get a drink of “wata.”
    You can be patriotic, wearing red, white, and blue and be sitting by your friend who has a big tattoo. You can be a shepherd from the hills or a pusher of pills, a wise man from afar or a soap opera star. You can be a Methodist from Montana or a Jew from Japan, be a vegetarian from Virginia or a connoisseur of Spam. You can come from Texas in a Lexus with spurs in your heels, or be a fly fisherman from Frankfurt with 15 shiny reels.
    You can make your living churning delicious homemade butter, or spend every day collecting cans in the gutter. You can play a guitar and be an international star, or be clown in a circus driving the world’s smallest car. You can be the tidiest person this world has ever known, or live like a pig with garbage in your home.
    You can keep up with the Joneses or be the Jones’s housekeeper or maybe the coolest dude in school with the largest florescent beeper. You can smell like Chanel and live like a queen, or make your abode in an alley wearing tattered Levi’s jeans. You can drive a BMW and wear flashy Italian suits or ride and Appaloosa sporting pointed cowboy boots.
    It doesn’t make a difference if you’re happy or you’re blue, just call upon the Lord- “whosoever,” that’s you!

One day before the revival service Steve was in the "pastors' lounge".  He was standing looking out the window.  A young person was walking up the path to come in the side entrance of the building.  The sanctuary was already full so the young person was turned away.  Steve noticed this and immediately had them come back in and had them change seats with someone who was already a believer.  Steve loved the lost.  Steve's goal was always to see those that were lost, no matter their condition, to be in the service on the front row if possible.  I remember seeing police officers bringing in young people off the street who they just picked up.  Instead of taking them to jail, they took them to the Revival.  Everyone was welcome!

Not Tiring of Repentance

To this day I don't look at the revival as a church service.  The real fellowship happened after the service with friends and family.  At homes and restaurants or where ever you were.  The meeting was usually evangelistic and it needed to be.  There were times where God lead the service a different direction but it still always lead people to the cross.  Much of the church was in sin.  We needed to hear truth.  We didn't need our ears tickled.  Yes, for the most part Steve preached a message of repentance almost nightly.  But there were hundreds of new people there every night.  Just because I had heard a repentance message does not mean for my sake Steve should have stopped preaching it.  And the proof is in the fruit.  Hundreds would storm the altars during Steve's call to repentance nightly.  Steve's message also encouraged people to live lives pleasing to the Lord.  Lives of holiness.  If we are not reminded of the dangers of sin we end up where we are going today.  Churches that bless homosexual unions while turning a blind eye to the plague of divorce, churches that say the grace of God covers all sin past, present and future regardless of how we choose to live in the present.  I just read an article about a "church" in Panama City that has a night club as an "outreach" and holds events that encourage sexual impurity.  It is sick!  This is where sin leads.  We need people to stand up with the power of the Spirit and speak truth as it is written in the scriptures.    

The Gospel of Freedom and Truth

I often wondered why people who were not really interested in living whole-heartedly for the Lord wanted to attend BRSM.  It was Bible school not a secular fraternity.   This wasn't pre-school.  It was not the leaders responsibility to babysit the students.  The rules were set.  No sexual immorality among other things.  That does not seem to be a negative requirement for those wanting to learn more about God and His Holiness.  Being kicked out of Bible school is a lot more lenient than some of the ways God dealt with sin in the Bible...just think of Ananias and Sapphira.   One of my roommates, a young man, was kicked out of BRSM because of sexual sin.  During the weekends he was driving back home and sleeping with a woman almost 3 times his age.  It was a weird and sick relationship.  We prayed with him about it but in the end he did not want the relationship to end.  I went to Scott Brown at pastoral care and informed him what was going on in hopes that my roommate would come to repentance.  It ended with the student being removed from school because he was not willing to give up the relationship.  I also heard of people being removed because of other sin issues.  Not once did I ever hear of a case where someone was removed unjustly.  From what I recall there was always grace and leniency.  Why call yourself a believer and go to Bible school if you want to remain in habitual sin?  The Lord calls us to be separate from the world.  He wants us to be free. 


I remember Steve saying over and over that no church was perfect.  He would say; "and if it was perfect the moment you got there it would cease being perfect."  The leadership recognized the imperfections of the revival.  They did the best they could with the lens they were looking through.  I went through things at the revival that were hard;  times of stretching.  God was stretching all of us.  Leadership included.  Did I walk away hurt, beaten and bruised?  No...I hopefully have come out of it stronger.  Did the leadership make mistakes at times?  Yes.  I remember one of the young people that my friend and I led to the Lord was getting a lot of attention at the Revival.  Steve would call him up and have him give his testimony.  Steve was always so excited by what the Lord was doing and how He was changing lives.  On the flip side, I saw this young new convert begin to change and get a bit prideful due to all the sudden exposure.  I went to Steve's office and sat down with him and shared my concerns.  Steve was always very approachable.       

I remember the first time I met Dr. Michael Brown.  My dad and I had joined the prayer team and during our pre-service meeting they introduced this "new guy" named Michael Brown.  They wanted to know if anyone would like to "catch" for him during the prayer time.  My dad volunteered and had a great time in the Lord.  After the service my parents and I went out to eat with Dr. Brown at What-a-Burger.  It was then that Dr. Brown told us about his desire to start a school of ministry that would be connected to the Revival.  He asked if my parents would want to be involved in that.  My mom ended up being the Registrar of the school.  To this day Dr. Brown continues to speak into my life via books, videos, social media, radio and e-mail.  He continues to give so much to the body of Christ.  I feel blessed to have him as a brother in the Lord.

Anytime man is involved in anything it will not be perfect.  I saw things that I did not agree with but the good far outweighed the bad.  I spent personal time with Steve, Lindell, Michael Brown and others and their passion and heart was always for the Lord and seeing His kingdom advance.  

I think we can all agree that the split was a very sad ending to the Brownsville Revival.  I think it is what people choose to do with themselves after that really shows their heart.  Many people went into depression and some fell away from the faith.  Some got bitter and angry.  Anyone with a solid foundation and their eyes fixed on Jesus should not be shaken by a church split.  We are following Jesus not man.  Did it come as a shock?  Yes it did.  Was it a disappointment?  Yes.  Did it stop the Lord's kingdom from advancing?  No.  Did it affect my relationship with the Lord?  No.   

The Value of Remembering 

"I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds. Your ways, O God, are holy. What god is so great as our God? (Psalms 77:11-13)"

When I think back at where I was going and how the Lord used the Brownsville Revival to save me, change me, and launch me into ministry, I am so thankful that I went.  The things I saw Him do in my life and in so many others strengthens my faith in what the Lord can still do.  Many of my thoughts and opinions have changed over the years on different issues BUT if there was another Brownsville I would be there.  I would overlook the flaws.  I long for the Lord to pour out on His people again.  I just pray I am a part of it when it happens.  

Just think of when the Lord was calling His disciples, they didn't look at the flaws of each other they looked at Him.  If they would have been looking at the flaws each other they may have never seen past it all to experience what the Lord had for them.    

My overall experience was amazing and to this day I tell people stories of all the amazing things I saw the Lord do there and beyond.  

In the Old Testament the Lord always told his people; "Don't Forget" because we always do forget.  Many times they would pile up some rocks as a reminder.  As I go back in my mind and think of all the things the Lord has done I am still brought to tears and taken back in time to those days.  It makes me hunger for more of the Lord.  He is still speaking and moving; but are we in a place where we are listening? 

I hope that by reading this posts the Lord will draw you closer to himself!

- Shane Good 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back in Ludwigsburg, Germany - August 14th, 1998

Well we are back in Germany.  Yesterday we arrived back in Ludwigsburg at the same church we visited last time where we saw the Lord do so much in so many people's lives.

As soon as we arrived and walked into the building I knew that the Lord had gone before us because I felt His presents.  He was there.

We saw many familiar faces and friends we had made last time we came.  The pastors son, Tobias, has changed so much since the first time I saw Him.  The Lord has really done a work in his life.  This is a good place, I like it.

The worship tonight was awesome and went for at least 1 1/2 hours.  The time just flew by.

My dad preached tonight and it was a good message.  Many responded to the Lord and came forward, many weeping and getting right with God.

Tobias brought a friend tonight who responded to the alter call.  As far as I know he met the Lord for the first time tonight.  During the prayer time the Lord really touched him in power.  He ended up on the floor with a look that said; "What was that?".  I love it when the Lord does things like that.  You know God is really moving in power.

There was a group of young people there tonight that will be here all week.  They are really hungry for the Lord.

Lord, you are good!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I marvel at God - Brownsville Revival - July 23rd, 1998

My God is an awesome God.  He and He alone is worthy of praise, honor and glory.  Jesus and His handy work is to be marvelled at!

This evening I went to the world greatest revival were the power of God is falling and Jesus continues to touch and change me.  Steve didn't get a chance to preach tonight.  He was about to but he was stopped by the Holy Spirit.  Instead he gave an altar call.  People began to weep, wail and call out to God and the Spirit of the Lord sweep into the meeting.  The altars were flooded with those repenting of sin.

Altar call at the Brownsville Revival
As soon as my dad and I stepped down to pray for people I felt the sweet, gentle, spirit of the Lord there.  It was a different and wonderful feeling.  God moved on many people but the Lord was about to really surprise me.  We saw a teenage boyfriend and girlfriend standing together and I thought to myself; "They need prayer."  The boy was standing behind the girl with his arms around her.  We walked up and I asked her if she wanted prayer.  "No!" She said nervously. "This is my first time here and I am paranoid."  I could tell that she just wanted us to go away.  She was seeing everything that was happening around her and she was scared.  We took a moment and spoke to them both.

I asked again; "Would it be fine if we prayed for you guys?" She said; "You can pray for me as long as I don't fall down." "I can't control God." I said half laughing. "If you could have God really touch you and make himself known to you would't you want Him to, no matter what?"  "I don't know." she said.  "Look, your boyfriend can keep his arms around you so you won't fall" said my dad.  "Ok, I guess you can pray for me." she said reluctantly.  I reached out and had just started to pray when she went completely limp in her boyfriends arms.  He looked at us as if to say; "What do I do now?"  We told him to just lay her down.  We then prayed for him and he too ended up on the floor.

Later when we came back by the girl was up and sitting next to her mom weeping and talking with her.  The Lord had began a deep work in her life.

This event so utterly amazed me that I have been thinking of it all night.  Jesus is SO awesome.  He reaches out to people no matter how they feel at the time.  He wants to know us and us to know Him!

Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There and Back Again - June 26th 1998

The Lord did some amazing things while we were in Limburg.  My dad shared then Ryan and I spoke the main message and gave an altar call.  Many responded to the Lord.  The Lord continues to move over and over.  He is good and all glory is due Him.

Me speaking with a translator.
I prayed for one teenage girl at the meeting that had recently given her life to the Lord but has struggled with bulimia.  As I prayed she began to weep as the Lord began to do a deep work in her life.

The next day we left Limburg for Idar-Oberstein and had a meeting that evening.  Ryan and I shared and my dad spoke the main message.  So far the Lord has not ceased to absolutely amaze us.  The Lord has moved the hearts of people so much.

After leaving Idar-Oberstein we made our way to Heilbronn.  This was our last meeting before going home.  

I can't count the times pastors have come up to us and said things like; "We have never seen anything like this happen in our church before!".  God has been so faithful.  He has called the sinner, the backslidder and ignited a fire in the hearts of his people.  So many times when we would arrive at a meeting the youth who would be sitting in the back with their arms crossed.  By the time we left, they were at the front of the church worshiping the Lord.  We have seen the Lord bring genuine revival to these churches.

We are now back home and apart of me is glad to be home and apart of me is not.  We had such a great time and I feel so blessed to have been on that trip to Germany.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

God is moving! - June 18th 1998

Our time in Eckernförde was really great!  The Lord did so many amazing things each night.  We saw the spiritually dead come to life.  The youth were ignited for the Lord with a very fresh and real zeal for Him and holiness.  Each night the altars were packed with people crying out and repenting to the Lord.

After our time in Eckernförde we travelled to Hamburg and spoke at a fairly large church of about 600 people.  My dad spoke, then Ryan.  I shared as well and gave an altar call.  Amazingly, almost all of the 600 in attendance respond to the altar call.  many weeping and crying out to the Lord for His forgiveness.  God continues to amaze us with his power and tangible presents during the services and the prayer time.

The next evening we spoke at a home group meeting.  All three of us shared and my dad gave an altar call and again everyone there responded to the Lord.  The presents of the Lord was AWESOME!  A newly saved young person who was there was mightily touched by the Lord.

My dad and I on a train
The next morning we left by train and went to Karlsruhe and had a meeting that night.  The people seemed a little harder here and there was resistance.  Regardless, in the end people were still touched by the Lord.  That evening I woke up burning with fever.

Yesterday morning we left on a train destined for Frankfurt and that evening had another amazing time with the Lord and again the altars were filled with those repenting to the Lord.

We are currently in a van headed for Limburg.  I feel very tired and it I am wore out as I write this.

Lord give me strength.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Lord Moves in Eckernförde, Germany - June 12th 1998

Alex and his wife drove us about 2 1/2 hrs to our next pickup point.  There we met a man by the name of Mathias.  He drove us to the German town of Eckernförde located in Northeast Germany.  One of the first things we noticed apon entering the pastors home was his extensive secular movie collection and movie posters hanging on his walls.  After coffee and pastries we were taken to the house where we will be staying during our time here.  It is a very nice place overlooking the Baltic Sea.

The meeting tonight started at 7pm.  My dad spoke first and then Ryan.  I got up last and shared about what we had seen the Lord do so far on our trip.  I briefly shared with them some of the messages I had preached on the trip to date.  As I spoke I could feel the presents of the Lord and I was having a hard time holding back the tears.

When I gave the altar call almost all of the 200 in attendance instantly responded.  They did not hesitate to respond to the Lord's call.  Many young people were among those there weeping before the Lord.  During the prayer time we again witnessed the Lord move among the people in a tangible presents.

So many people are broken and hungry for the Lord.  Many people have never understand that being apart of the things of this world can separate us from the saving and freeing power of the Lord.   The Lord does not save us so we can remain in sin.  He saves us to deliver us from sin.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

With the Youth in Lüdenscheid, Germany - June 11th 1998

Alex helping me with the wash.
Today was another great and powerful day with the Lord.  After breakfast and washing some cloths Alex (one of the workers here and new friend) drove us to were our next meeting was being held.  Prior to the meeting we prayed that the Lord would come down in power and change lives and hearts.

There were a lot of young people there between the age of 8-15 years old.

After a time of worship everyone split up to do different games.

Later, after everyone had reassembled, my dad got up and introduced our team and spoke a very simple message on what it is to know Jesus.

My dad Sandy speaking to the youth

When he gave an opportunity for the young people to know the Lord almost everyone responded and the altars were full.  Many of the young people were broken before the Lord. 

My dad Sandy speaking to the youth after Altar call

We prayed for each of them and the Lord moved in power.  He changed hearts and lives today.  I prayed that the Lord would light the youths hearts on fire.  At the end of the meeting I had all the youth grab hands in a circle with me and I prayed that God would use them to shake Germany and change lives.  I could feel the presents of the Lord fall so I let go of their hands and walked around to each one and laid hands on them.  The Lord touched each of them.  I encouraged those who were left standing to pray for the lost.  They grabbed hands and began crying out to the Lord to save those that don't know Him.

Young people who responded to the call of the Lord. 

Later in the evening we were interviewed by "Champ Teen Magazine" a christian publication.

Thank You Lord for everything you are doing!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

In Lüdenscheid, Germany with Walter Heidenreich - June 9th 1998

Shane, Sandy, Walter & Ryan
What can I say?  Jesus did it again!  Today was another adventure.  I love these days!

We are currently at a ministry run by a German man by the name of Walter Heidenreich.  He is the founder of "Help for all Nations".

After breakfast we were taken to the Missions Ministry School that they have here.  They train missionaries  that will be sent out around the world.  These people are not only being trained to do missions work but to also be servants of others.  It was very encouraging for us to see.

The topic of the today's meeting was prayer and evangelism.  My dad was the first to speak.  He spoke about sin as did Ryan.  I spoke a little on prayer, evangelism and then sin.  My dad gave an altar call and all of the 35 students came forward.  After the altar call the power of the Lord really fell.  The Lord is going to use these people.  The presents of the Lord was there in such a tangible way.  People were not able to remain standing because of the power of the Lord.

Ryan, Walter & Sandy
Walter's Book
Later, we met with Walter for coffee and pasteries.  We talked with him for a some time about revival and the amazing things the Lord was doing at Brownsville and in Germany.   Walter shared some of the great things the Lord was doing through his ministry around the world.  He gave each of us a signed copy of his book; "Help, I need somebody".

Later in the evening we ministered at a youth meeting and spoke again spoke on sin and how it separates us from our creator.  I had a hard time speaking because I could feel the Lord so close and I could not help but weep.  As soon as I gave the altar call, the majority of the youth came to the front.  Some knelt down and began to weep while others began to shake under the power of the Lord.  The Spirit of the Lord was there in such power.  We lead the youth in a prayer of commitment to the Lord.  Many of the young people there had been backslidden and were coming back to the Lord again.  Others had met the Lord for the first time.

After the altar call we went around and prayed for each person.  Most of them were so overcome with the Lord they could not remain on their feet.  It was AWESOME!

Thank you Lord,