Saturday, March 1, 2014

Brownsville Revival - August 6th. 1997

I got here a little late but worship was still really good. I see some friends sitting in the audience that I invited a while back. They received the Lord when they came to the Revival and are now here with friends they invited. God is great! Right now Dr. Michael Brown is speaking. They are bring up all the international guests. There a lot from all over especially Australia. Some from India, Germany, Norway, Guatemala, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Africa, Spain, Mexico, Guam, Taiwan, Vietnam and more. 

Steve is preaching a message titled: "I Know". (John 9:24-25)
1. I know Jesus has opened my blinded eyes.
2. I know that Jesus has totally changed my life.
Jesus wants you and you alone. If you slip and sin, take care of it immediately.

He gave an altar call and hundreds flooded the altars.
It was an awesome night. I got all filled up. Karen Wheaton, a singer was visiting tonight just to receive from The Lord.

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