Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brownsville News - September 17th 1997

This is the location John Kilpatrick fell. 
For the past couple months my dad and I have been working with a crew of carpenters building John Kilpatrick's barn.  This structure will have a large bay for parking his tour, ministry bus in and will also have an office area.  

A second crew of carpenters are working on building Kilpatrick's house.  Today while I was in class we received word that John Kilpatrick had fallen from a second story floor down to the first floor.  He was helping some of the carpenters on site and stepped backwards over a ledge and fell about 15' down.  My dad was just getting off his lunch brake and was returning to the job when an ambulance exited the premises with John inside.

There was a danger of him losing his spleen and liver but it looks like everything will be ok.

Everyone is praying!

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