Monday, March 3, 2014

Brownsville Revival - August 7th, 1997

Today was a good day!

Thank you Jesus for this day that you have made.  I love you for everything you are doing and have done.

When I was out today I witnessed to a bank guard and the teller.  God was speaking and I could really feel the Lord.

I went to Brownsville tonight and the worship was awesome.  The spirit of the Lord was there in such power.  The last song Lindell sang was "I Surrender All".

Steve spoke on surrendering all for Jesus and that we must trust in the Lord no matter what trial comes our way.  We must trust Him.  He referenced: Matthew 16:24-26, Matthew 19:29-30 and Luke 9:57-62.  Steve just addressed Sage, a member of the "Wal-Mart Five".  (The phrase coined by Dick Ruben regarding 5 young punk rockers that Ryan and I lead to the Lord in a Wal-Mart parking lot).  Steve said; "Sage, if you listen to this message you will skyrocket with the Lord.  If you do not completely surrender you won't get anywhere."

Steve made reference to World War I & II and how the enemies surrender was unconditional.  "When you come to the Lord it must be an unconditional surrender."

1. Many People want all that Jesus has to offer.  They want Jesus to surrender everything without having to surrender everything to Him.

2. Jesus wants everything you have to offer laid at the cross without condition.  He wants you to lay down your weapons.  He is your King and Lord.  Jesus wants your talents.  Jesus wants your goals.  Jesus wants you to lay down everything and look to Him alone.  If you give up everything, you will be at peace.  If not, you will be jerked back and forth.

Jesus already surrendered on the cross.  Now it is time for you to surrender.

3. If you don't yield to the mercy of Christ in this life, you will face His wrath in the next life.  (Matthew 10:11-16)

Just follow Jesus friend!

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