Friday, March 7, 2014

BRSM - Suzette Hattingh - August 29th 1997

I know that this is the Spring ID
but it's all I could find.
Three days ago was the start of the second semester.  We went from 120 students to around 500 students.  Wow!  The campus is bustling.

Suzette Hattingh
The classes today were really awesome.  The Spirit of the Lord was really moving.

Today, Rainhard Boonke's intercessor Suzette Hattingh shared in Lindell's class and the power of the Lord fell in such an amazing way.

Later, when I was in the admin office Suzzette came in and we spoke for a couple minutes.  She then prayed for me and for our friday night evangelistic outreach and that the Lord would draw people in and that souls would be saved.  The presents of the Lord was strong.

When we went witnessing at the beach tonight at least 3 people gave their hearts to Jesus.  One girl named Kristen is very
hungry for God.  She wants to go to the Revival.

Thank you Lord!

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