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BRSM Germany Trip Ludwigsburg, Germany (Pt. 3) - May 24th, 1998

Ludwigsburg Event Flyer
Last night we arrived at the church in Ludwigsburg for our next meeting.  There was a very heavy feeling of religion hanging in the air.  The service started with Charlie encouraging the people to enter into worship.  It was good but we were in need of a break through.  Ryan spoke a "no compromise" message.  When it came time for the altar call almost all of the 200 people present came down to the front.  Every seat was left empty.  The much needed break through had happened.  God moved on the hearts of people and brought them to repentance.  He is faithful!  After the altar call our team went out among the people and prayed for them.  It was very good!

This morning Ryan, Summer and I went and ministered at a different church while the rest of the team remained at the church we ministered in last night.  Ryan shared his testimony with the congregation.  After that we went to the youth room to speak with the youth.  I could tell that most of them were very hard and cold.  I shared the same message I had shared with the youth in Spyer a couple days ago.  Due to the room being so crowded there was no room for an altar call, instead I had everyone who felt like they were away from the Lord to raise their hands.  Almost every single hand shot up.  We then prayed for them and the Lord moved mightily!

At 3:30pm our team met to pray for this evenings meeting.  The church was at capacity tonight (about 300 people).  Many of the people from the church we went to this morning came to tonights meeting.  The worship was great.  Caroline gave her testimony and Summer spoke too.  I got up and gave the altar call and again the seats were emptied. The Lord really moved in power.  You could feel the religion being peeled off of the people.  Prayer time was awesome!

God is moving!

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