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BRSM Germany Trip (Pt. 1) - May 21st, 1998

I have been very excited to start digging into my journals detailing our trips abroad.  We saw the Lord do so much on these trips and we have been forever changed with the things we saw the Lord do.  I hope that God will spark something in all of us for the things he can do.

Ryan, Summer, Caroline, Sandy, Kathi, Shane, Charlie & Terri
My mom Kathi Good, is the registrar at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry.  My sister also works there as her assistant.  I am currently enrolled in the school.  The school received a call from Germany asking for a school team to come over for a week long conference.  The school leadership asked my dad Sandy Good if he would be interested in leading the school mission trip.  He agreed.  He then assembled the team consisting of 5 students, my mom, and my sister.  My dad booked us in Germany for 2 weeks.  We will be ministering in churches the first week and at a conference the next.

Sandy & Kathi - On our way to Germany
We arrived in Germany on the 20th and were booked into a beautiful country lodge located in the country.  One of the first things I had to drink after arriving was a large glass of "Apfelschorle".  It is a very popular soft drink consisting of apple juice and sparkling water.  It is served chilled and is a very refreshing drink.  Our first meeting was at 3pm.  A few youth showed up to the meeting.  Summer spoke on rebellion and my dad gave an altar call.  Just about the entire church responded and came to the front to repent.  People were weeping and asking the Lord to forgive them.  As we prayed with people they began weeping and were touched powerfully by the Lord.  Later that evening we went to another church where our next meeting was to be held.  Charlie Perkins lead everyone in worship.  The last song Charlie sang was "I could sing of your love forever" and the Lord really moved powerfully.  My dad shared a little and then Summer spoke again on rebellion.  There were two sisters (19 & 21) there in the meeting that were away from God.  Their mom had wept and prayed for them to be saved.  They had been really hurt in a church split.  When my dad gave the alter call, they along with the majority of the congregation responded.  People came forward truly convicted and repentant of sin.  God moved in such tangible power.

Teri, two sisters (who responded to the Lord), Caroline & Summer

This morning we ate a genuine German breakfast consiting of fresh baked large bread rolls with butter, sliced cheese, yogurt and a cup of German coffee.  I am not sure what they do different here but the coffee is amazing.  Add a little cream and sugar and it is like drinking dessert.

At 3pm we were back at the same church we ministered in yesterday evening.  When the altar call was given the entire church responded.  Prayer time was very powerful and we even saw the demon possessed delivered.  The people here are really hungry for the Lord.

After the meeting was over we drove about 2 hours to the next city that we would be ministering in.  There were about 150 people that came to the meeting tonight.  Worship was awesome!  Teri gave a short but convicting message then Ryan got up and spoke.  The power of the Lord came in such a strong way that by the end of the message everyone felt convicted of their sins.  It was so good.  As we prayed for people tonight you could feel such an anointing.  God's presents was there in such power.  Many people were touched.

Lord, what do you have in store for this trip?  I am amazed by what you are doing!  

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