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BRSM Germany Trip Spyer, Germany (Pt. 2) - May 22nd, 1998

God is moving!  Today was a great day!

We are currently in Spyer, Germany.  This morning we visited the largest Romanesque Catholic church building in the world.  It is so old that the second crusade was announced from the steps of this amazing building.  It is absolutely immense.  Inside and down a flight of stairs there is a crypt where kings of old are buried in hand carved stone coffins.  It was an amazing thing to see.  The man that was showing around the city told us that there were many tunnels and pathways under the city.  Many of them, hidden.

We walked through the town square and were amazed at this ancient (in western terms) city.  We ate in a local greek restaurant and the food was great.

The meeting tonight was one of those meeting that words can't explain.  God just came down.

Kathi speaking after we prayed for the youth.
Worship had started, and the Lord dropped a word in my heart. I sat down and began to write. It came so fast I could hardly keep up. Besides that I was weeping and had a hard time seeing my paper.  I felt the presence of the Lord so strong! I knew that this was His simple message for this hour. There were about 25-30 young people in the meeting. I told my dad that I had something to say to the youth. I got up and told every one from the age of 13-25 to come forward. I asked, Charlie to play "Lord I give you my Heart" quietly. It was so hard to read what the Lord gave me because I was in tears due to the burden God had laid upon me. The youth that had come forward began to weep as I was reading what I had wrote down. We then went out and laid hands on all of them.  There was not one left standing.  God moved in such tangible power.  Most the people there had never seen anything like this before.  My mom got up and shared after we were done praying for the youth.  Later in the evening we gave an altar call and many responded. There were first-time converts. God’s presence was so thick. We prayed for every one in the building and God touched everyone mightily!  This service ended about 1:00am and even then people did not want to leave the sweet presence of the Lord. Some of the youth were impacted so much by the message that they came to me after the service and asked if they could copy, word for word, what I had written. God was truly speaking to hearts!

This is what I shared:

God wants the young people to be on fire and in love with Him. It has to start with the younger generation. God wants to move in such power through you. He wants to be number one in your life. He should be first on your mind and heart. If you get serious with God he will get serious with you! Do not tell God you want Him to change you if you are not willing to let him change your lifestyle. Jesus knows your heart. Give it to Him. Let him take you into his holy place. If you will make Him your first love, God will come down very powerfully in your life. If you are living the life God desires us all to live the day may come as you walk down the streets, in the market place or even at school that people will feel the presence of God and will be immediately convicted of sin. You may see people fall on their knees and say, “What must I do to be saved?” It will happen! It has happened before and God can and will do it again but only if we surrender all to Jesus! You need to read your Bible, pray, seek the Lord and His heart. Ask Him what he wants you to do with your life. If you ask according to His will He will answer you. “Ask and you shall receive.” Believe me, if you are a willing vessel, set apart to God, living a holy life and not compromising with the things of the world, He will do it! God wants to use this younger generation and He will set your spirit on fire. You will be the ones to say, “In the name of Jesus Christ, get up and walk!” You are the ones God will use to shake the world. Live for Jesus, and get the sin out! Anything Jesus would not do is sin. He will use you like you have never dreamed but you must give him everything; your dreams, ambitions and talents. In return, Jesus will give you Himself and everything you need to live a victorious life! He will give you peace and joy. Give your heart and soul to Jesus!

The Lord, He is God!

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