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BRSM, Prayer & Evangelism - September 4th, 1997

September 4th, 1997

I felt like I was on a spiritual high today and it was great.  I just felt a total peace from the Lord.  

Jesus is Awesome!

After class at BRSM I went to the revival prayer meeting.  They held it today instead of Tuesday due to a 3 day revival service break.  (remember those?)  When I was on my the way home I stopped to put $2 (Yes, that is what my journal says.  I was probably poor and/or gas was much cheaper then) of fuel in my tank at the gas station located on Mobile Hwy. and New Warrington.  

A fellow student was there and ask me to come and speak with a man named Donny that was hungry to know more about the Lord.  After paying the large sum of $2 I pulled my vehicle over to the side of the gas station.  "I need Jesus," said Donny.  

We took the next few minutes and told Donny what the Lord had done in our lives, how he saved us from the bondage of sin and that he too could be free and that knowing Jesus was what his heart was truley seeking.  Donny made a decision to follow the Lord and so we prayed with Him. "I want to be free from alcohol," he said.  So we laid hands on him and asked the Lord for his freedom.  As we were praying the glory of the Lord increased.  At this point Donny reached up and grabbed the hat off his head and threw it to the ground in response to the presence of the Lord.

When you have the spirit of the Lord, evangelism seems easier.  The Lord does the work.

Jesus, you are awesome! 


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