Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lindell & Amber Cooley - October 14th, 1997

Amber Cooley, Shane Good & Lindell Cooley
This pic was taken at a Harvest party at my parent's house.

The first time I met Lindell was at the end of a revival service not long after we had first started attending.
Worship had been just amazing that night and the Lord's presence was there in such a sweet way.  Lindell was sitting up on the stage during prayer time so I went up to introduce myself.   The moment I stepped onto the platform and in front of him I could not even speak.  I just stood there and wept because the presence of the Lord was so tangible.  I felt a bit awkward but I could not help it.  I talked to him briefly about a desire to lead worship and he prayed with me.  Since that time, on many occasions when Lindell would pray for me, he would grab hand hands and pray for the Lord to anoint them.    

Journal Entry October 14th, 1997

On my way home from work today my sister, Summer called me and informed me that her and I had been invited over to Lindell and Amber's home for the evening.

We arrived at around 7pm.  We all went out to eat together and then returned to their home.  Lindell showed me his music equipment and let me play around on his Yamaha keyboard which sounds great.  We drank cappuccino, hung out and talked and listened to a bunch of different music.

Amber gave me a copy of Lindell's first Album titled: "Seriously".  (I still have it sitting around somewhere Lindell.)

Summer and I left around 1:30am.  It was a great evening.

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  1. This was the night Shane took Lindell and Amber for an exciting ride in the Mighty C. Amber loved it and wanted more but Lindell felt one ride was enough. It was a great night of fun. Dad