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Ministry Opportunity from Steve Hill - November 10th, 1997

At about 2pm today Steve Hill contacted me and told me he had received a call from a very concerned mother.  She had a 15 year old daughter that had been involved in the occult, had an ungodly relationship with her boyfriend and had contemplated suicide.  Steve asked if I could go speak with her about the Lord.

Shane & Ryan
I immediately called my very good friend Ryan and asked him if he would like to go with me.  He agreed and we drove out to their house that evening.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the girl's mother who then introduced us to her daughter Cathy.  Cathy's boyfriend Brandon and her sister Jill were also there.  We all sat together and they listened intently as Ryan and I shared how the Lord had genuinely changed our lives and that they could actually know the Lord.  "He isn't this far off person who isn't involved in your life and He really cares and loves you," we said.  Ryan and I both reiterated that in order for the Lord to come close they had to be willing to turn their back on sin and live for the Lord with all their heart.

That evening Cathy asked Jesus to become Lord of her life.  Ryan and I will be staying in contact with the family.  She is supposed to be coming to the revival soon.

Jesus Rules!

Journal Entry Regarding Cathy November 30th:

I called Cathy today to see how she was doing.  Ryan and I were both able to talk to here.  She seems hungry for the Lord but is having a hard time letting go of some things.  Mainly her relationship with her boyfriend.  As we spoke to her on the phone you could tell that the Lord
convicting her of sin.

We will try to get her to revival this week.

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