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Washington State Trip - September 15th 1997

My Grandmother & Grandfather 1953
with their first child, my Aunt Linda.
My Grandmother, who I love very much, lives in Washington State and has suffered from MS for the past many years.  After revival broke out I have had many great conversations with her about the Lord.  Not long ago I felt an urgency to call her and make sure that she KNEW in her heart that she was right with the Lord. We both wept on the phone together as we talked about the Lord.  God felt very present in our conversation.

Boarding Pass

On the 7th, at about 10:30pm my Uncle John called and told my mom (Kathi Good) that my Grandmother, her mom, was not doing well.  At 4am that morning my grandfather called and said that they did not expect her to live another hour.  On the 8th Sandy, Kathi, my sister Summer, my soon to be brother-in-law, Shawn and I got onto a jet and flew to Seattle, Washington.  While we were in route we received word that my Grandmother had passed away at around 2:05pm our time, 4:05 Pacific Time.

I could feel the pain and hurt creeping in from the death of my grandmother.  We always has a very special connection.  But I knew that she was in heaven and no longer bound by a wheelchair.  She was no longer a prisoner in a non functional body.  She was in the presence of the almighty.

Under the circumstances our time here has been fun.  It's been great hanging out with family and sight seeing.  It has been some time since I have seen my Uncle John who I always enjoyed hanging out with.

Green Lake
On the 10th a few of us rode bikes 6 miles around Green Lake.  They have a very nice paved path that borders the parameter of the lake.  That evening we went to Marysville First Assembly of God where a youth conference was being held.  The youth pastor, Benny Perez asked if we would pray for the youth at the end of the service and of course we said; "Yes!"  When we began to pray a wave of the Holy Spirit moved in and did what waves do, knock you down.  It was so amazing to see the youth responding to the power of the Lord.  Many seemed ignited for the God.

Edmonds Bakery

The next day we got up and went to for a healthy breakfast of donuts at Edmonds Bakery.  We then went to my Grandmother's memorial service that was held outdoors at Deception Pass, a beautiful area surrounded by large trees, hills and water.  The reality that it would probably be a long time before I saw my grandmother again really hit me.

Shane Good
Shane, Uncle John, Sandy Good
My Uncle Gale got up and opened the service and then gave the opportunity for others to speak.  My dad spoke for a few minutes and then I got up to speak.  As soon as I went to open my mouth I could not speak and I began to weep.  After some composure I was able to share with those there about how much I loved my grandmother and that I knew she was with the Lord.  I even challenged those attending to examine their own lives to see if they were right with God.

After the memorial service we did some sight seeing around the area.  It was breathtaking.

Deception Pass

The next day our whole family went and had lunch at the Space Needle which actually rotates as you eat so you get a full view of the city.  Later, we walked around the city a bit and as did some witnessing here and there.

Space Needle
On the 13th Shawn, my dad and I went to help invite people to a youth rally that was going to be held at a hall located in downtown Seattle.   We handed out hundreds of flyers to people from every walk of life including prostitutes and homosexuals.

My sister and mom flew back to Pensacola at 11:40 that evening.  We (my dad, Shawn and I) decided to stay a day longer because we were invited to minister at Bethel Temple Sunday morning and evening.  My parents had been the youth pastors at that church years ago.

Yesterday was AWESOME!  This church is a very dry and traditional church but the Lord really came today and spoke to the hearts of people.  My dad got up and spoke for a while and then introduced me.  I shared my testimony and how the Lord had changed me a set me free from the bondage of sin and death and how there is real life in knowing Jesus.  There were 65 people there that morning and 8 people responded to the altar call.  God touched many of the people during prayer time.  The service lasted about 3 hours which was unheard of in that church.  No one wanted to leave.  The Lord was there in such an intimate way.

The only odd thing that morning happen during the prayer time.  It involved a man who had responded to the altar call.  We were praying for people and when I came to him and went to pray for him he tried to punch me.  But in mid punch the power of God hit him and threw him to the ground.  That was an interesting experience.

The evening service was great too!  My dad spoke a little on creation vs. evolution and the dangers of the evolutionary teaching.  I got up and spoke on how important it is to be 100% for the Lord.  At the end I gave an altar call and 10 out of 50 responded.

After the service I met some young people from Seattle Bible College. They were really excited about what the Lord was doing at the revival except one.  His name was Justin and a fan of Hank Hanegraaff's radio show.  Although Justin had never been to the revival, he still criticizes it.  We had a friendly exchange of words while all the students were gathered around us listening.  I encouraged him to come and visit the revival before criticizing it.  It was fun and we left on friendly terms.

God really did some cool things!

We left Seattle this morning around 9am and I am currently on a flight back home writing these things down.  I thank the Lord that although we came for a funeral that the Lord used us to bring life.  Jesus was glorified.  I am honored that God chose to use us and I hope that he will continue to draw me closer to Himself.

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