Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I marvel at God - Brownsville Revival - July 23rd, 1998

My God is an awesome God.  He and He alone is worthy of praise, honor and glory.  Jesus and His handy work is to be marvelled at!

This evening I went to the world greatest revival were the power of God is falling and Jesus continues to touch and change me.  Steve didn't get a chance to preach tonight.  He was about to but he was stopped by the Holy Spirit.  Instead he gave an altar call.  People began to weep, wail and call out to God and the Spirit of the Lord sweep into the meeting.  The altars were flooded with those repenting of sin.

Altar call at the Brownsville Revival
As soon as my dad and I stepped down to pray for people I felt the sweet, gentle, spirit of the Lord there.  It was a different and wonderful feeling.  God moved on many people but the Lord was about to really surprise me.  We saw a teenage boyfriend and girlfriend standing together and I thought to myself; "They need prayer."  The boy was standing behind the girl with his arms around her.  We walked up and I asked her if she wanted prayer.  "No!" She said nervously. "This is my first time here and I am paranoid."  I could tell that she just wanted us to go away.  She was seeing everything that was happening around her and she was scared.  We took a moment and spoke to them both.

I asked again; "Would it be fine if we prayed for you guys?" She said; "You can pray for me as long as I don't fall down." "I can't control God." I said half laughing. "If you could have God really touch you and make himself known to you would't you want Him to, no matter what?"  "I don't know." she said.  "Look, your boyfriend can keep his arms around you so you won't fall" said my dad.  "Ok, I guess you can pray for me." she said reluctantly.  I reached out and had just started to pray when she went completely limp in her boyfriends arms.  He looked at us as if to say; "What do I do now?"  We told him to just lay her down.  We then prayed for him and he too ended up on the floor.

Later when we came back by the girl was up and sitting next to her mom weeping and talking with her.  The Lord had began a deep work in her life.

This event so utterly amazed me that I have been thinking of it all night.  Jesus is SO awesome.  He reaches out to people no matter how they feel at the time.  He wants to know us and us to know Him!

Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There and Back Again - June 26th 1998

The Lord did some amazing things while we were in Limburg.  My dad shared then Ryan and I spoke the main message and gave an altar call.  Many responded to the Lord.  The Lord continues to move over and over.  He is good and all glory is due Him.

Me speaking with a translator.
I prayed for one teenage girl at the meeting that had recently given her life to the Lord but has struggled with bulimia.  As I prayed she began to weep as the Lord began to do a deep work in her life.

The next day we left Limburg for Idar-Oberstein and had a meeting that evening.  Ryan and I shared and my dad spoke the main message.  So far the Lord has not ceased to absolutely amaze us.  The Lord has moved the hearts of people so much.

After leaving Idar-Oberstein we made our way to Heilbronn.  This was our last meeting before going home.  

I can't count the times pastors have come up to us and said things like; "We have never seen anything like this happen in our church before!".  God has been so faithful.  He has called the sinner, the backslidder and ignited a fire in the hearts of his people.  So many times when we would arrive at a meeting the youth who would be sitting in the back with their arms crossed.  By the time we left, they were at the front of the church worshiping the Lord.  We have seen the Lord bring genuine revival to these churches.

We are now back home and apart of me is glad to be home and apart of me is not.  We had such a great time and I feel so blessed to have been on that trip to Germany.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

God is moving! - June 18th 1998

Our time in Eckernförde was really great!  The Lord did so many amazing things each night.  We saw the spiritually dead come to life.  The youth were ignited for the Lord with a very fresh and real zeal for Him and holiness.  Each night the altars were packed with people crying out and repenting to the Lord.

After our time in Eckernförde we travelled to Hamburg and spoke at a fairly large church of about 600 people.  My dad spoke, then Ryan.  I shared as well and gave an altar call.  Amazingly, almost all of the 600 in attendance respond to the altar call.  many weeping and crying out to the Lord for His forgiveness.  God continues to amaze us with his power and tangible presents during the services and the prayer time.

The next evening we spoke at a home group meeting.  All three of us shared and my dad gave an altar call and again everyone there responded to the Lord.  The presents of the Lord was AWESOME!  A newly saved young person who was there was mightily touched by the Lord.

My dad and I on a train
The next morning we left by train and went to Karlsruhe and had a meeting that night.  The people seemed a little harder here and there was resistance.  Regardless, in the end people were still touched by the Lord.  That evening I woke up burning with fever.

Yesterday morning we left on a train destined for Frankfurt and that evening had another amazing time with the Lord and again the altars were filled with those repenting to the Lord.

We are currently in a van headed for Limburg.  I feel very tired and it I am wore out as I write this.

Lord give me strength.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Lord Moves in Eckernförde, Germany - June 12th 1998

Alex and his wife drove us about 2 1/2 hrs to our next pickup point.  There we met a man by the name of Mathias.  He drove us to the German town of Eckernförde located in Northeast Germany.  One of the first things we noticed apon entering the pastors home was his extensive secular movie collection and movie posters hanging on his walls.  After coffee and pastries we were taken to the house where we will be staying during our time here.  It is a very nice place overlooking the Baltic Sea.

The meeting tonight started at 7pm.  My dad spoke first and then Ryan.  I got up last and shared about what we had seen the Lord do so far on our trip.  I briefly shared with them some of the messages I had preached on the trip to date.  As I spoke I could feel the presents of the Lord and I was having a hard time holding back the tears.

When I gave the altar call almost all of the 200 in attendance instantly responded.  They did not hesitate to respond to the Lord's call.  Many young people were among those there weeping before the Lord.  During the prayer time we again witnessed the Lord move among the people in a tangible presents.

So many people are broken and hungry for the Lord.  Many people have never understand that being apart of the things of this world can separate us from the saving and freeing power of the Lord.   The Lord does not save us so we can remain in sin.  He saves us to deliver us from sin.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

With the Youth in Lüdenscheid, Germany - June 11th 1998

Alex helping me with the wash.
Today was another great and powerful day with the Lord.  After breakfast and washing some cloths Alex (one of the workers here and new friend) drove us to were our next meeting was being held.  Prior to the meeting we prayed that the Lord would come down in power and change lives and hearts.

There were a lot of young people there between the age of 8-15 years old.

After a time of worship everyone split up to do different games.

Later, after everyone had reassembled, my dad got up and introduced our team and spoke a very simple message on what it is to know Jesus.

My dad Sandy speaking to the youth

When he gave an opportunity for the young people to know the Lord almost everyone responded and the altars were full.  Many of the young people were broken before the Lord. 

My dad Sandy speaking to the youth after Altar call

We prayed for each of them and the Lord moved in power.  He changed hearts and lives today.  I prayed that the Lord would light the youths hearts on fire.  At the end of the meeting I had all the youth grab hands in a circle with me and I prayed that God would use them to shake Germany and change lives.  I could feel the presents of the Lord fall so I let go of their hands and walked around to each one and laid hands on them.  The Lord touched each of them.  I encouraged those who were left standing to pray for the lost.  They grabbed hands and began crying out to the Lord to save those that don't know Him.

Young people who responded to the call of the Lord. 

Later in the evening we were interviewed by "Champ Teen Magazine" a christian publication.

Thank You Lord for everything you are doing!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

In Lüdenscheid, Germany with Walter Heidenreich - June 9th 1998

Shane, Sandy, Walter & Ryan
What can I say?  Jesus did it again!  Today was another adventure.  I love these days!

We are currently at a ministry run by a German man by the name of Walter Heidenreich.  He is the founder of "Help for all Nations".

After breakfast we were taken to the Missions Ministry School that they have here.  They train missionaries  that will be sent out around the world.  These people are not only being trained to do missions work but to also be servants of others.  It was very encouraging for us to see.

The topic of the today's meeting was prayer and evangelism.  My dad was the first to speak.  He spoke about sin as did Ryan.  I spoke a little on prayer, evangelism and then sin.  My dad gave an altar call and all of the 35 students came forward.  After the altar call the power of the Lord really fell.  The Lord is going to use these people.  The presents of the Lord was there in such a tangible way.  People were not able to remain standing because of the power of the Lord.

Ryan, Walter & Sandy
Walter's Book
Later, we met with Walter for coffee and pasteries.  We talked with him for a some time about revival and the amazing things the Lord was doing at Brownsville and in Germany.   Walter shared some of the great things the Lord was doing through his ministry around the world.  He gave each of us a signed copy of his book; "Help, I need somebody".

Later in the evening we ministered at a youth meeting and spoke again spoke on sin and how it separates us from our creator.  I had a hard time speaking because I could feel the Lord so close and I could not help but weep.  As soon as I gave the altar call, the majority of the youth came to the front.  Some knelt down and began to weep while others began to shake under the power of the Lord.  The Spirit of the Lord was there in such power.  We lead the youth in a prayer of commitment to the Lord.  Many of the young people there had been backslidden and were coming back to the Lord again.  Others had met the Lord for the first time.

After the altar call we went around and prayed for each person.  Most of them were so overcome with the Lord they could not remain on their feet.  It was AWESOME!

Thank you Lord,


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Germany - On the move again: June, 8th 1998

I feel like the Lord is doing a lot in my life on this trip.  He is showing me how proud I am.  He is showing me that when His power comes down it has nothing to do with what I say or do.  It's what I don't do that matters.  I need to make sure I don't get in His way.  I need to be lead by Him and Him alone.  It is all about the Lord.

Today we drove to our next ministry stop.  Tomorrow is our first meeting.  We found out that the people here had just started a 40 day fast asking the Lord to send helpers the day before they received a call asking if they would like us to come.

The Lord will move and people will be set ablaze.  I hope and pray that the Lord will pour out his Holy Spirit the way he has been doing.

Lord pour into these people and pour into me!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Extended Germany Mission Trip - June 4rd 1998

Shane and Ryan
I should be home right now but instead I am still in Germany.  The majority of our team had to return home.  Ryan my dad and I have stayed here in Germany to continue ministry.  We will be here for at least another 18 days.  The word has spread about what the Lord was doing in our first meetings so we have been invited by churches all over Germany to come and share.  We have seen many people give their lives to the Lord and set free from about every sin and addiction you could imagine.  We are currently booked everyday (up to 2 times a day) for the remainder of our time here.
Ryan and Sandy

Today, we got onto a train to go see another castle.  We spent the day there sightseeing.  It was fun but unfulfilling.  The Lord and doing His work is the only thing that really satisfies.  Everything else feels boring.  Before revival I would have died to see castles like this one today but now I would rather be preaching His word, doing His work and seeing his wonders!

More of you Lord!  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Germany Trip Ludwigsburg, Germany (Pt. 4) - May 25th, 1998

Today we went to Ludwig's Palace.  It is the largest palace in Germany and Austria.  It was pretty amazing to see.

This evening we came to the church for our next meeting.  Many new people were there tonight along with many of the young people we have been seeing at the meetings.  The building was once again filled to capacity.

Charlie started off the service with anointed worship.  People really entered in tonight.  It seemed effortless.

After worship, my mom shared, and then Teri.  Ryan gave the altar call and about 100 people responded.  My dad got up and lead everyone in prayer asking to Lord to forgive them and make them new.  After that our group spoke with each person who had responded to the altar call.  People seemed very repentant and hungry for the Lord

We then opened it up for anyone who wanted prayer.  The Lord moved in such power.  I must have prayed for every person two or three times.  Many were being touch without even being prayed for.  It is revival.  The Lord is being glorified and is moving in such amazing power.  Many demon possessed are being delivered and people are being healed and set free in these meetings.

The youth are getting on FIRE for God!

Unfortunately, this evening was our last meeting there.  I think we will be back though.