Sunday, April 6, 2014

Extended Germany Mission Trip - June 4rd 1998

Shane and Ryan
I should be home right now but instead I am still in Germany.  The majority of our team had to return home.  Ryan my dad and I have stayed here in Germany to continue ministry.  We will be here for at least another 18 days.  The word has spread about what the Lord was doing in our first meetings so we have been invited by churches all over Germany to come and share.  We have seen many people give their lives to the Lord and set free from about every sin and addiction you could imagine.  We are currently booked everyday (up to 2 times a day) for the remainder of our time here.
Ryan and Sandy

Today, we got onto a train to go see another castle.  We spent the day there sightseeing.  It was fun but unfulfilling.  The Lord and doing His work is the only thing that really satisfies.  Everything else feels boring.  Before revival I would have died to see castles like this one today but now I would rather be preaching His word, doing His work and seeing his wonders!

More of you Lord!  

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