Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Germany - On the move again: June, 8th 1998

I feel like the Lord is doing a lot in my life on this trip.  He is showing me how proud I am.  He is showing me that when His power comes down it has nothing to do with what I say or do.  It's what I don't do that matters.  I need to make sure I don't get in His way.  I need to be lead by Him and Him alone.  It is all about the Lord.

Today we drove to our next ministry stop.  Tomorrow is our first meeting.  We found out that the people here had just started a 40 day fast asking the Lord to send helpers the day before they received a call asking if they would like us to come.

The Lord will move and people will be set ablaze.  I hope and pray that the Lord will pour out his Holy Spirit the way he has been doing.

Lord pour into these people and pour into me!

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