Sunday, April 20, 2014

God is moving! - June 18th 1998

Our time in Eckernförde was really great!  The Lord did so many amazing things each night.  We saw the spiritually dead come to life.  The youth were ignited for the Lord with a very fresh and real zeal for Him and holiness.  Each night the altars were packed with people crying out and repenting to the Lord.

After our time in Eckernförde we travelled to Hamburg and spoke at a fairly large church of about 600 people.  My dad spoke, then Ryan.  I shared as well and gave an altar call.  Amazingly, almost all of the 600 in attendance respond to the altar call.  many weeping and crying out to the Lord for His forgiveness.  God continues to amaze us with his power and tangible presents during the services and the prayer time.

The next evening we spoke at a home group meeting.  All three of us shared and my dad gave an altar call and again everyone there responded to the Lord.  The presents of the Lord was AWESOME!  A newly saved young person who was there was mightily touched by the Lord.

My dad and I on a train
The next morning we left by train and went to Karlsruhe and had a meeting that night.  The people seemed a little harder here and there was resistance.  Regardless, in the end people were still touched by the Lord.  That evening I woke up burning with fever.

Yesterday morning we left on a train destined for Frankfurt and that evening had another amazing time with the Lord and again the altars were filled with those repenting to the Lord.

We are currently in a van headed for Limburg.  I feel very tired and it I am wore out as I write this.

Lord give me strength.

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