Friday, April 18, 2014

The Lord Moves in Eckernförde, Germany - June 12th 1998

Alex and his wife drove us about 2 1/2 hrs to our next pickup point.  There we met a man by the name of Mathias.  He drove us to the German town of Eckernförde located in Northeast Germany.  One of the first things we noticed apon entering the pastors home was his extensive secular movie collection and movie posters hanging on his walls.  After coffee and pastries we were taken to the house where we will be staying during our time here.  It is a very nice place overlooking the Baltic Sea.

The meeting tonight started at 7pm.  My dad spoke first and then Ryan.  I got up last and shared about what we had seen the Lord do so far on our trip.  I briefly shared with them some of the messages I had preached on the trip to date.  As I spoke I could feel the presents of the Lord and I was having a hard time holding back the tears.

When I gave the altar call almost all of the 200 in attendance instantly responded.  They did not hesitate to respond to the Lord's call.  Many young people were among those there weeping before the Lord.  During the prayer time we again witnessed the Lord move among the people in a tangible presents.

So many people are broken and hungry for the Lord.  Many people have never understand that being apart of the things of this world can separate us from the saving and freeing power of the Lord.   The Lord does not save us so we can remain in sin.  He saves us to deliver us from sin.

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