Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There and Back Again - June 26th 1998

The Lord did some amazing things while we were in Limburg.  My dad shared then Ryan and I spoke the main message and gave an altar call.  Many responded to the Lord.  The Lord continues to move over and over.  He is good and all glory is due Him.

Me speaking with a translator.
I prayed for one teenage girl at the meeting that had recently given her life to the Lord but has struggled with bulimia.  As I prayed she began to weep as the Lord began to do a deep work in her life.

The next day we left Limburg for Idar-Oberstein and had a meeting that evening.  Ryan and I shared and my dad spoke the main message.  So far the Lord has not ceased to absolutely amaze us.  The Lord has moved the hearts of people so much.

After leaving Idar-Oberstein we made our way to Heilbronn.  This was our last meeting before going home.  

I can't count the times pastors have come up to us and said things like; "We have never seen anything like this happen in our church before!".  God has been so faithful.  He has called the sinner, the backslidder and ignited a fire in the hearts of his people.  So many times when we would arrive at a meeting the youth who would be sitting in the back with their arms crossed.  By the time we left, they were at the front of the church worshiping the Lord.  We have seen the Lord bring genuine revival to these churches.

We are now back home and apart of me is glad to be home and apart of me is not.  We had such a great time and I feel so blessed to have been on that trip to Germany.

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