Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back in Ludwigsburg, Germany - August 14th, 1998

Well we are back in Germany.  Yesterday we arrived back in Ludwigsburg at the same church we visited last time where we saw the Lord do so much in so many people's lives.

As soon as we arrived and walked into the building I knew that the Lord had gone before us because I felt His presents.  He was there.

We saw many familiar faces and friends we had made last time we came.  The pastors son, Tobias, has changed so much since the first time I saw Him.  The Lord has really done a work in his life.  This is a good place, I like it.

The worship tonight was awesome and went for at least 1 1/2 hours.  The time just flew by.

My dad preached tonight and it was a good message.  Many responded to the Lord and came forward, many weeping and getting right with God.

Tobias brought a friend tonight who responded to the alter call.  As far as I know he met the Lord for the first time tonight.  During the prayer time the Lord really touched him in power.  He ended up on the floor with a look that said; "What was that?".  I love it when the Lord does things like that.  You know God is really moving in power.

There was a group of young people there tonight that will be here all week.  They are really hungry for the Lord.

Lord, you are good!

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